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Loan for tourists with Visa

Foreigners who want to buy a house in the United States can apply for a mortgage loan through our offices.


In the state of Florida, foreigners can obtain a loan with a 25% down payment and competitive rates with a maximum repayment of 30 years. You can also buy a house in the investment with 40% down.


The definition of foreigner is a citizen of another country who regularly visits the United States and is buying a property in which to reside during those visits.


The buyer must meet a series of requirements to initiate the application:

  • Copy of the passport and visa must be obtained to verify eligibility. (It can be a Tourist Visa)

  • Verification of employment and income through the tax returns of the last two years and / or a letter from a certified accountant, and proof of business registration (social pact) if you are self-employed.

  • Three letters of credit reference, for example, car loans, credit cards or line of credit in the country of origin, or a credit report.

  • Bank account statements for the last three months for personnel and business. (all pages)

  • At the time of the search and the choice of a house, it is essential that thereal real estate agent has a letter of pre-approval from the bank or mortgage broker who will control the loan, in order to make an offer for a property.


  • A foreigner who wants to buy a house in the United States must send the complete application, along with all the necessary documents to complete the process, which can last between 30 to 45 days